08 February 2006

SSMS Source Safe integration

Bit of a publishing break but, hey, what's eleven months in the grand scheme of things? I'm now playing with several SQL Server 2005 RTM instances in DEV and one starring in a TEST role until new hardware is in place. We're getting ready to run all of the SQL 2K5 DEV/TEST on a single cluster instead of several separate machines.

At any rate, my current project is still being developed with SQL2K. However, I've begun using SSMS to develop all the non-DTS portions. The source safe integration is VERY NICE. No more check-out/check-in from VSS while editing in Query Analyzer and building the database from the command prompt. I've added my DOS commands for building the database into the SSMS tools menu and I can manage source control, development, and build all from a single interface.

Although the IDE isn't as mature (read "flexible") as VS2005, it looks like it will meet my DB needs quite well.

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