04 October 2011


This month's T-SQL Tuesday (#23) is hosted by Stuart Ainsworth (Blog | Twitter) and he has selected JOINs as this month's topic.

I thought the topic seemed mildly interesting from a deep technical perspective.  If you agree, you might find some good reading here or here, and I've even touched on the topic of Legacy JOINs.  However, I do deep technical writing much of each day, and I sometimes like to relax and ramble a bit in the blog.  If it's SQL Server related rambling, so much the better.

Besides, I don't know anything particularly deep or technical about JOINs in SQL Server.  Come to think of it, there are a lot of deep technical things I don't know about SQL Server in general that can be solved by a few JOINs.

Here some JOINs that have helped me to solve deep technical problems in SQL Server.  Maybe they've helped you, too.

JOIN... the Professional Association for SQL Server
JOIN... your local SQL Server User Group
JOIN... your SQL Server Peers for a SQL Lunch
JOIN... an online SQL Server Forum
JOIN... an online SQL Server Community for the Inside scoop
JOIN... twitter for the #SQLHelp hash tag
JOIN... your workmates for lunch

All those things you don't know about SQL Server?  The places above are absolutely loaded with folks who DO know them... oftentimes even the coworker you didn't realize had seen it before.  And, do you know what else?  To somebody less experienced than you with SQL Server, you will be one of the ones with the answer.

So JOIN up with somebody else and promote some SQL Server excellence.