18 January 2011

The Abaculator

I enjoy using Red-Gate products.  Really.  I even suspect that the SQL Prompt code-completion product reduces the time it takes me to write SQL.

I enjoyed their recent add likening Hand Coding your SQL to an Abacus, while SQL Prompt was likened to a Calculator:

Think how much more efficient you could be with this product!  We can even get supporting evidence from the inter-webs showing just how slow the Abacus really is when compared to our electron chomping marvel:

Oops!  I had a feeling that the abacus would turn out to be pretty fast, but three times faster?  And that's just a virtual abacus - think of the power and air conditioning costs this 9 year old mathematician will save.

Now I'm slightly embarrassed to be a SQL Prompt user.

Red-Gate might want to take a lesson from MathSecret on this one.

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